Sump Pump Repair and Maintenance – How to Avoid Expensive Bills

You may not even think about sump pump repair very often. However, if you fail your sump pump once and it then fails again, the subsequent cost of a full water-damaged house will really give you sticker shock. Luckily, offering your sump pump a bit of attention every so often is an easy method to prevent a flooded basement from happening again. Read on to find out more about a few of the common signs that your sump pump should be fixed.

The most obvious sign of a leaking sump pump is when there are puddles in your basement. These will usually start to form after your entire floor has been covered in water – which means that your entire home might need to be waterproofed. This is actually a pretty big hint that your DIY skills need to be learned more thoroughly, and if you’re really good at DIY, then you’ll want to invest in a brand new unit.

A damaged sump pump can also result in flooding if not properly serviced. In order for DIYers to have the best chance of avoiding this problem, it’s important that your service company is able to perform regular maintenance updates to your device. Even though most of these repairs are fairly easy to perform, it’s critical that maintenance professionals spend a few minutes checking the system each time they perform their inspection.

A small percentage of residential homeowners choose to install piping within the walls. While this may seem like a relatively straightforward solution to flooding prevention, it’s actually not recommended. Installing pipes directly to the house’s foundation can lead to leaks and flooding because it’s impossible to tell whether or not a small trickle is just water dripping from the wall. Pipes that connect to the house’s foundation are designed to help keep water from moving around inside the house and into other spaces, but some homeowner choose to bypass this safety precaution and simply use plumbing in their basement and on their main floor. While it’s certainly true that sump pumps require maintenance just like any other appliance, installing plumbing directly to the home’s foundation is risky and unnecessary.

Don’t forget to check your homeowner’s insurance policy for any liability coverage limits. Most people who choose to self-insure through their homeowner’s insurance policy typically aren’t covered for damages resulting from floods. Unfortunately, if you have a lot of expensive items in your basement, you may not have adequate coverage in case your family has to evacuate the home due to a flooded sump pit. If this happens, you could end up having to pay significantly higher premiums to replace your possessions lost in the damaged area.

Don’t neglect routine maintenance for your sump pump repair and maintenance tasks either. By scheduling annual inspections with a qualified technician, you can reduce your homeowner’s insurance costs by eliminating costly repairs. A licensed and insured professional can offer advice on the best way to care for your pump to prevent future damage and repairs. In addition, experts can also offer advice on how to prevent future water damage in your household. They can suggest the best way to prevent mold and mildew from growing in your basement and on the walls and floors of your home so that you don’t have to worry about costly repairs in the future.

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