Drug Rehab Centers and Drug Abuse Rehab Centers

Many drug rehab facilities are opening in New Jersey these days and there are a number of Drug Rehab Centers that have already opened. The New Jersey Department of Health offers this list of Drug Treatment Centers in New Jersey: Gateway House – West Orange, NJ

The Center provides drug treatment center for individuals who have substance abuse and dependence problems. “The Center offers services to adults with various addictions including alcohol abuse, prescription drug addiction, cocaine abuse, heroin abuse, and other drug and/or alcohol dependence disorders.” They also offer outpatient treatment for those seeking addiction treatment.

The Camden County Treatment Center – Camden County, NJ

This drug rehab center offers residential, outpatient, and emergency treatment. There are also day and night programs for those who prefer to be close to their family. There are 12-step programs for individuals to help them overcome their addiction. They have an intake process that involves intake training, assessment, treatment planning, and discharge.

The Essex County Treatment Center – Essex County, NJ

The drug treatment centers of Essex County offer a variety of treatment options that address the needs of patients in an individualized environment. Their services include outpatient, group and residential programs that will provide you with personalized, specialized care and support. In addition to outpatient care, they offer aftercare programs, in-home treatment, residential treatment, detoxification, and medication-assisted therapy as well as other specialty treatment.

The Newark Community Center – Newark, NJ

This community center was named in recognition of the residents of our city who have or are addicted to a wide range of drugs and alcohol. The Center offers residential and outpatient programs to those seeking substance abuse and dependence treatment. Programs at the Center to address the individual needs of each person and work together to develop a treatment plan that works for each individual.

The New Jersey Counseling and Alcoholism Service – New Jersey Counseling Center (NJACS) – Jersey City, NJ

The New Jersey Family Therapy Association – New Jersey Family Therapy and Addiction Center – NJFTA (also known as Family Counseling Center and Family Therapy Institute) – New Jersey City, NJ

The outpatient programs provide treatment services for adults, couples, children and adolescents. The center is an accredited provider of substance abuse treatment, alcohol and drug rehabilitation, and mental health services. It is committed to providing high-quality programs that serve the best interest of its patients and families.

The New Jersey Rehab and Drug Abuse Center – New Jersey is a non-profit agency that provides treatment services to drug abusers and alcoholics. It offers a wide range of services from detoxification and residential care to outpatient treatments for those who have been involved in an alcohol or drug problem for years. The treatment programs offer both residential and outpatient care, and have a high level of success rates.

All of the addiction and drug rehab centers listed above are accredited by agencies such as the National Association of Drug Rehab Centers. or NAADRC.

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