How to Get Into a Lock Shop

The Locksmiths are responsible for maintaining the integrity and safety of University buildings by maintaining the security system at the university buildings. They assist students to get inside the buildings and maintain the security system.

Lock Shop

The Lock Shop follows a strict security protocol for the only purpose of keeping the integrity of the university. Please see this protocol for requesting access to the premises. When you are given permission to enter the premises you must have an official identification card, a driver’s license and the appropriate lock and key.

If you are requesting any type of access to the Lock Shop, such as, to lock in the building or repair any damage, you should always have the relevant identification that is associated with the Luiz Vieira or the university, and the relevant key. You should not forget to give the official identification card and the necessary identification number for the student who is requesting the access to the campus.

If you are authorized to enter the premises you will be required to pay a minimal fee depending on the type of access you are requesting. The fee is usually charged to the student requesting the access to the premises or to the person managing the gate to the gate. In some cases you might be requested to pay an entrance fee when you are entering the grounds and the main gate.

The fee for entrance fee is normally payable upon arrival on the grounds. It can also be payable upon entering through the main gate or other entrance points on the grounds. If you are not satisfied with the service provided by the Lock Shop you have been given access to, you may file a complaint against the institution responsible for the facility of the lock shop.

If your complaint has been heard by the concerned faculty or the authorities concerned, you should inform them about the complaint in writing stating your dissatisfaction with the service provided by the Lock Shop and how you have been treated by the institution. The complaint should include the name, address, and phone number of the person responsible for providing the lock and key services at the school or university you were asked to access the university buildings.

If the person responsible for providing the services at the university fails to respond to your complaint, you should contact the Chair of the Department of Public Security, Luiz Vieira to complain about the breach of security. He may take action against the person responsible, or he may refer the complaint to the responsible staff. You can ask for the contact details of the concerned persons if you are unable to provide this information or you could consult the relevant department concerned.

You can also hire a lawyer for legal help if the person responsible for providing the services at the University does not respond to the complaint of Luiz Vieira. A lawyer may intervene and request the concerned party to take care of the complaint of Luiz Vieira. or the institution.

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